name: catherine

location: brooklyn, new yawk. passage west, co. cork, ireland i'm here: toronto, canada!

pet: vicious beast kitty storm RIP, and welcome oreo

listening: the joshes (josh ritter and josh rouse), bob schneider, sigur ros, radiohead, blue rodeo, goldfinger, the jam, the entire ali khan family (nusrat best of all), jan garabeck, stiff little fingers, tim easton, the clash, manic street preachers, pj harvey, katell keineg, la belle alliance

jobs: currently: artist; formerly: web coordinator, the new york public library, branch libraries, web editorial coordinator, branch library manager; young adult librarian; research assistant; receptionist; secretary; hot dog maker at orange julius.

these things make me happy: mountain escapes, peaches fresh from the tree -- not just any tree -- but the tree by the side door of my parent's house, 'bulldog research' advertisements on the 'F' train, fiddle music , s'mores around the campfire, the feel and taste and crunch of snow , the smell of leather, a purple mohawk, creepy murder mysteries, good spelling, what dorothy allison has to say on forgiveness and trust, crewcuts on girls, , my nephew's new favourite word which would be Y I K E S, realizing that this is not a popularity contest, remembering the very first time i heard ziggy stardust and laid eyes on david bowie in make-up and platform boots, poetry, high school reunions, the yumminess of gay boys, specifically this one and this one, picturing my future home -- a warehouse on the gowanus canal -- with a swimming pool on the roof, chilly concrete walls and floors, and a film projector in the living room, or is it a renovated church near owen sound, wood heated, no pool but maybe a quarry nearby, and tomatoes in the garden, finally making a decision on the design for my next tattoo, learning to play the bagpipes, and other people's histories.

you can write me (& it would be groovy if you did): fluffy underscore penguins at yahoo dot com.